For Summer ’19, Stüssy Women’s continues its exploration of the night worshipping subcultures of decades past, with contemporary twists that are true to the overall aura of Stüssy.

Workwear has dominated this brand since the beginning, and you will see those construction details providing the backbone to a lot of the garments here. The innovation in the collection can be seen in the transformation of utilitarian items, through a slightly more psychedelic take on something classically Stüssy, into a whole new dimension.

Pieces like the Noa Work Jacket and Lola Plaid Knit Zip Tank are rooted in historical designs, and then given new life through slight but deliberate tweaks in the cut. Most of these modifications are inspired by the DIY rave culture of the 1990s, and brought into the future through premium fabrication.

With another conceptually minded collection under its belt, Stüssy Womens continues in its firm direction and impressive execution. Mixing the DNA of past landmarks of underground fashion with a unique approach to the future has proven to be a successful combination once again – creating a range that never lacks in functionality or originality.

Delivery One of The Summer ’19 Collection will be available on Friday, May 10th at all Chapter stores, Dover Street Market London, Dover Street Market Los Angeles and